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Pink Onions

This recipe is almost too simple for words, but it’s also a perfect example of those ‘little things’ that stand behind this site and my way of cooking. Little ideas or ingredients that turn your ordinary meal into something just a little more exciting.

I always have a jar with these marinated pink onions in my fridge and use them in a wide variety of dishes. It’s a little trick: soaking red onions in vinegar softens the onions, mellows the sharp onion flavor and gives them the most gorgeous pink color.

I just love how these pink onions spice up a simple chicken sandwich, roast beef or basic salad. I often use them combined with smoked salmon, a handful of lettuce leaves and some cooked baby potatoes for a quick dinner. I imagine these rings would be great on a hotdog as well, or as a special touch to your favorite burger.

I also like to use some of the pink soaking vinegar for a dressing; this turns a simple dish into something special and requires no more time than using your standard vinegar.

These onions can be kept in the fridge for several weeks. Just make sure they’re completely covered with vinegar. And if you’re not a lover of the acidity, you can always add some sugar to counterbalance the vinegar.



1 red onion
a clean jar


1. Thinly slice a red onion in rings.

2. Place in a clean jar, fill with enough vinegar to completely cover.

3. Marinate for at least 10 minutes.

4. (The marinated onions can be kept in the fridge for several weeks)

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  • Monique

    Do you just add plain white vinegar or do you use a special vinegar?

    • TLT - The Little Things

      Plain white vinegar, white wine vinegar (or even a light red vinegar) all work fine. Just use what you like and have on hand!

  • Lynn

    Bravo Denise! The first time I pickled french breakfast radishes the water turned a lovely pink! Haven’t pickled red onions yet but a grand idea. I have a combo of carrots and daikon radish in a vinegar concoction now that I like to have with a bahn mi sandwich. Maybe I’ll add red onion for a touch of pink, a Christmas bahn mi 😉

    • TLT - The Little Things

      Sounds like a perfect plan, Lynn!

  • Hayley @Recipes4Recovery

    Wonderful idea Denise! I’ve just made a pot of these for my daddy to give to him at Christmas. Easy but so pretty. xx

    • Denise | TLT

      Thanks Hayley and what a great Christmas gift! Speak you soon:)

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  • Jeanne @ CookSister!

    Oh how pretty! I often think I’d like to have some mildly pickled onion rings on demand in my fridge to liven things up – who knew they were so easy to make! Definitely want to try this…

    • Denise | TLT

      Yes, these are too easy. You will definitely like them!