Recommended: Zuma, Miami


What? Japanese restaurant Zuma in Miami’s EPIC hotel

Why? Zuma is popular in places like London and Dubai and it’s no wonder the location in Miami is such a celebrity hotspot. The place has a sleek, chic design and offers a wide array of small dishes (order about 3-4 per person) to share with the table. Although the prices are pretty steep, it’s absolutely worth the splurge for a great night out. Each dish impressed me and every glass of wine complimented it even more. Perfect when you’ve got something to celebrate.

Must try? The dish with tuna and salmon tartar (served with crispy wasabi crackers) is beautifully presented in a wooden box. And the traditional Robata grill adds a pleasant smokiness to the softest Japanese eggplants (with miso and sesame) I’ve ever had.



(Copyright pictures: Zuma)

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