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Pear Salad with Blue Cheese & Walnuts

This is one of my favorite salads and it’s too easy to prepare. There is something about the combination of sweet pear and tangy, sharp blue cheese that always works and they are lovely together in a salad.

I like to make a large version of this pear salad as a main meal, served with some good bread on the side. Just make smaller portions if you’re serving this as an appetizer or light lunch.

This salad can be easily changed into a slightly different version. I always add some nuts for a nice crunch, but hazelnuts or pecans could be easily used instead of the walnuts in this version. The salad leaves can also be varied; this salad works well with arugula, or even spinach leaves.


Grilling the pear slices before stacking them, gives this salad a complete different taste. Although in spring and summer, I definitely prefer the crunchy raw version.

Make sure to choose a good quality blue cheese, whether it’s Roquefort, blue Stilton or Gorgonzola.


Serves 1 (as a main)


1 small pear, sliced thinly
about 1.7 oz (50 gr.) blue cheese
a handful of salad leaves
small handful of walnuts
good quality extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice (or white wine vinegar)
course sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


1. Stack pear slices on a plate and crumble over the blue cheese. Add some salad leaves.

2. In a dry pan, roast the walnuts for a few minutes (until they release their aroma). Sprinkle over the salad.

3. Generously drizzle with good olive oil and add some lemon juice.

4. Season well and serve immediately.

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  • erin @ yummy supper

    What a stunning salad! Once again, we love the same flavors…. pear and blue cheese always make me happy, but I never thought to serve the pear, cut and stacked in such a gorgeous way. Beautiful!

    • Denise | TLT

      Thank you, Erin! That really means a lot coming from you!