Recommended: Pirouette, Paris


What? Restaurant Pirouette in Paris

Why? A bit hidden away in Châtelet-Les-Halles, this very elegant and comfortable restaurant is a secret favorite of Parisian foodies. And that’s no wonder, with a remarkable good wine list, a chef (Tomy Gousset) who worked for Daniel Bouloud and Le Meurice, delicious seasonal dishes and relatively cheap prices. Service is equally good: the waiter gave us an extensive and very creative translation of the French menu (canard fermier became “a duck that’s very happy because she can live in freedom”), and it’s that care and attention that makes all the difference to me.

Must-try? I absolutely loved the roasted yellow beetroot salad with homemade ricotta and lemon cream and the grilled fish with purple artichokes and bouillabaisse foam was another favorite.


(Copyright pictures: Virginie Photography, Pirouette)

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