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Luscious Chocolate Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Maker


I don’t own an ice cream maker and don’t see one coming anytime soon. That doesn’t mean I never make ice cream though, because there are great recipes that don’t require such a machine. I shared this recipe for creamy banana soft serve before. Or take this frozen yogurt with berries that’s made in no time. My repertoire of ice cream recipes has recently been updated after a day of experimenting and this chocolate ice cream was one of my favorites.

So for this ice cream you really don’t need an ice cream maker. Better yet: you don’t even have to stir. It doesn’t get easier than this! This ice cream is based on a recipe of well-known food blogger David Lebovitz and I’m more than happy he shared it online.

With only a few ingredients you can easily make this incredibly luscious chocolate ice cream. The trick is in the banana and liquor, which make sure the consistency remains creamy. You can vary the type of liquor. I added Amarula this time, but Baileys or Licor 43 are also good choices. David uses an extra tablespoon of rum in his recipe, but I have successfully made it without this.

Just make sure to use a good quality chocolate, because that’s something you will definitely notice in the final result. I chose the lovely, slightly bitter dark chocolate bars from the New York Mast Brothers this time.

Good to know: even after a few weeks in the freezer, this ice cream still tastes luscious and phenomenal. That’s why I would definitely advise you to make several portions at once.

chocolate-chocolade-ijs-ice-cream-TLT chocolate-chocolade-ijs-icecream-1-2-2

Based on David Lebovitz’s recipe


2 oz (55 g) bittersweet or semisweet choolate, chopped (preferably 70% cacao or more)
1/3 cup (80 ml) milk
1/3 cup (80 ml liquor: Amarula, Baileys or Licor 43
1 medium banana, peeled


1. Melt the chocolate and milk au bain-marie: in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water). You can also melt the chocolate in the microwave.

2. Mash the banana with a fork until it’s completely smooth. Mix well with the melted chocolate and liquor.

3. Pour mixture into a container and freeze (covered) for at least 4 hours. Let thaw about 10 minutes before serving.

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    Ahhhhh I love how you have the cones in glasses like that – so creative!

    • Denise_TLT

      Thanks! Great how you notice that!