TLT reads: Vegetarian by Alice Hart


Vegetarian by Alice Hart is a slightly older cookbook, but that doesn’t mean its content is outdated in any way. Alice’s fresh and creative vegetarian recipes may actually be more up to date than ever.

Alice Hart has an impressive resume in the culinary world. She works as a recipe developer, food stylist and cookbook author and her experience is definitely notable in the gorgeous Vegetarian. The recipes are original and well written, the pictures mouthwatering and even the little suggestions (“try to combine this muesli with some rhubarb compote and vanilla sugar”) are inspiring. The short Donna Hay-like chapters in between are another great feature. They offer homemade recipes – for yogurt or nut milk for instance – or mini recipes around one ingredient or dish.

The recipes are pretty varied: from vegetable tempura with ponzu sauce to risotto with cauliflower and breadcrumbs. I tried the potato cakes with olives and a poached egg and was very enthusiastic. The contrast between the soft, creamy egg and the crispy potato cakes is exceptionally good. The lentil puree with tomatoes and spinach was another winner. A filling, wholesome dish with a spicy kick: real vegetarian comfort food. I definitely want to try the butternut falafel with cucumber yogurt and the artichokes with lemon-oregano breadcrumbs. And I’m really curious about the artichoke salad with broad beans, risoni and pecorino as well.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Vegetarian. This is an ideal book for vegetarians and those that try to eat less meat, because it’s a great source of veggie inspiration. Most of the recipes are suitable for the more experienced cook, but I’m certain that also beginners can easily work with this recipes.


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