New restaurants in Amsterdam

Check out the 10 new restaurants and hotspots in Amsterdam you really shouldn’t miss:

1. Waterkant
After several success stories (i.e. De Biertuin, Bar Bukowski and Maxwell) in Amsterdam Oost, the three entrepeneurs behind these concepts have opened a spot on the other side of the city. Behind the Q-park Marnixstraat garage you can now find Waterkant, a tropical place at the water that’s inspired by Paramaribo. During the next five years this sunny place will serve roti, saoto soup and Surinam Parbo beer. But you can also find lobster or Jamaican Jerk Ribs on the menu. Looks like there is a summery feeling after all.

2. Stek
Of course Amsterdam Oost already was the nicest neighborhood in Amsterdam, but the last few months there just keep on popping up great new places. Like STEK for example. On the Wibautstraat they serve all-day breakfast (finally! See also my Dutch article about this trend from NYC), but also a delicious lunch and snacks. Go for the pancakes with Dutch strawberries and crème fraiche, a salad with chicken thigs and bulgur, or sourdough bread with pea puree, buffalo mozzarella and basil-mint pesto. They even serve a little piece of home baked sweets with your cup of coffee of tea. A perfect example of ‘the little things’.

3. Oolong
Dimsum wasn’t hard to find in Amsterdam, but dimsum in the evening? That was another story. Until now that is, because at Oolong in the Ferdinand Bolstraat they serve a wide variety of dimsum for dinner. In this modern spot you can order as much steamed bites as possible to share with eachother (or not). Besides dim sum – with fillings like scallops or shiitake – they also offer many other Asian bites, like five spice chicken wings and steamed oysters. And don’t forget the cocktails!


(picture credits: Oolong)

4. Back to Black
In the Museumkwartier friends Noortje and Inge recently opened the specialty coffee bar ‘Back to Black’. This place is way more than a bar, because this “platform for creatieve people” is also a coffee store and sells furniture, books, bags and jewelry. The young women combine a passion for baking (Noortje) and coffee (Inge) with a shared interest in everything green. This means you’ll find mostly organic and local products at Back to Black and that their coffee is freshly roasted in Amsterdam.

5. Bocconi
The new Bocconi in Amsterdam West is a great place for Italian drinks and bites. A glass of wine tastes so much better with some bruschetta (think: fried sardines and onion, broccoli with Parmesan cheese or vitello tonnato). And stay for dinner, because they offer several friendly priced pastas in the evening. Not your standard arrabiatte or lasagne, but dishes like ravioli with fennel sausage and endive, or pasta with smoked cheese and eggplant. Bocconi has many gluten free options, which is great for all the (semi) intolerants in this city.

6. Bistro Noord
The two brothers behind successful restaurant te Pas recently opened a new spot: Bistro Noord. In a great light space (with tree in the middle!) in Amsterdam Noord they now serve dishes like summer beetroot risotto with gorgonzola, or pulled pork from the slow smoker. Their love for real food is notable, just as the attention for hospitality and great service. Interesting: soon they will also start an in-house bakery, just like top chefs in New York (i.e. Epicerie Boulud) already do. Sounds very promising!


(picture credits: Bistro Noord / Jan Bartelsman) 

7. Faam
At the beginning of this month Italian restaurant Faam opened in the Baarsjes area. Walk in spontaneously for a glass of wine and for the pizzas from the Italian wood-fired oven. Those pizzas are made with the best Italian ingredients, but with a creative and luxury touch from the Dutch chef (from i.e. Fa. Speijkervet). Try a pizza with shrimp and mussels, or with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese. Already a local favorite!

8. Rotisserie
Next to Fier in the De Clerqstraat the same owners will open a new place that focuses on the rotisserie. Remarkable, because in the same street you can already find ‘Van het Spit’ with – indeed – rotisserie chickens. And also on the Ceintuurbaan a similar place seems to open soon: ‘The Good Chicken Society’. It’s clear that Amsterdam has wholeheartedly embraced the humble roasted chicken.

9. Nghia N Nghia
Last month I enjoyed a lunch at Nghia N Nghia in Amsterdam West and I can completely recommend this Vietnamese place. Go here for lunch (in the evenings the kitchen is used for CHOW) with fresh noodle soups, big salads, bahn mi sandwiches and silky spring rolls with juicy shrimps and crispy vegetables. Their gorgeous terrace is another reason to go here: instead vacation feeling guaranteed.


10. Jacketz
Jacketz is already successful in Leiden, but this ‘single item’ restaurant will now also open in Amsterdam Oud-West. Here you’ll find baked potatoes with crème fraiche and sea salt, stuffed with salmon, dukkah or tikka massala. Everything for just a few euros. Not that much of a potato fan? They also have salads and baked apples.

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  • erin @ yummysupper

    Denise! I’m dying to come back to Amsterdam ( it has been 23 years since I’ve been!) and your posts and photos are making me desperate to hop on a plane. I do appreciate that I get to take a little trip to your great city through your camera lens as well. A virtual vacation;)