Recommended: Memory Lane, Picknick, Ontbijtbar & CitizenM

Recently I visited Rotterdam for a weekend and the places below were my favorite. From a relaxed lunch spot to a surprisingly affordable top hotel. Four delicious tips in Rotterdam:


CitizenM Hotel
A lot has been said about the relatively new hotel chain CitizenM and my high expectations were definitely fulfilled. This hotel keeps its promise: it offers everything you need in a stylish way, without unnecessary extras. The rooms are small, but offer a lovely big bed, good shower and hip technological gadgets (tablets/color lights). The communal living rooms are gorgeously decorated and the location in front of station Blaak is ideal. They also really pay attention to the little things: see for instance the free cocktail of the house, the funny texts you find pretty much everywhere and the up-to-date check-in process. Recommended!


Picknick is a very well known place for breakfast and lunch and I think its recognition is much deserved. This relaxed, slightly industrial spot feels surprisingly warm and cozy at the same time. During lunch time you choose between several platters with sandwiches or pick a daily special from the wall. I can wholeheartedly recommend the sourdough bread with roasted pumpkin, creamy burrata and spicy tomato dressing. Picknick is very crowded during lunch hour, so you might have to wait for a spot. But believe me: it’s worth it.


Memory Lane
This little restaurant on the Hoogstraat used to only serve breakfast and lunch, but they also started with dinner a few months ago. And that’s a great thing, because for only 25 euro you’re being spoiled with a 3-course chef’s menu. The dishes are pretty simple, but executed very well. Really striking is the attentive staff, that lets you taste different wines and offers the perfect desserts solution for four doubters: a mix of all the desserts and the cheese platter. It’s just the spot you really want to go back to.


On a temporary location close to Rotterdam Centraal station you can find Ontbijtbar. Until three in the afternoon you can eat the most delicious breakfast dishes here, like pancakes, oatmeal or French toast. The tropical granola with nuts, fruit and lots of coconut is amazing and the burrito is a perfect hangover breakfast. This place is very casual and also very crowded on Sunday morning.


Extra: when you’re in Rotterdam anyway, the new Markthal is definitely worth a visit. Although I personally prefer the Fenix Food Factory, which is a lot smaller and offers the most delicious products from passionate small vendors.

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