Big news!

I often say that I have the best job in the world. It’s hard and pretty much non-stop working, but what’s better than doing the things you love every single day? There is nothing more rewarding than spotting new food trends, working on delicious books, receiving a picture from someone who tried your recipe or discovering an amazing place where the little things make all the difference.

Still, there was something I really wanted to do: creating a cookbook of my own. A book filled with my most delicious recipes, inspired by culinary trends and of course with ‘the little things’ that make everything more special. And I am extremely humbled and grateful that I will actually be making such a book soon!

I often shared my love for breakfast and brunch on this site. A few years ago I visited New York to discover the stories behind the breakfast trend. But also in Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam I always visited the best places for a great start of the day. Inspired by the amazing breakfast dishes I tasted through the entire world, I now get the chance to create the ultimate breakfast & brunch book. And it will be in stores this Fall already! For now, the book will only be available in Dutch, but who knows what the future will bring??

It’s a very exciting project to me, because I will take care of all the recipes, texts, photography and food styling myself. A huge and challenging job, but at the same time the best project ever. And I really can’t wait to show you some peek behind the scenes here on TLT!


  • Paola Holthausen

    Wow!! Congratulations! That is awesome!

    • Denise_TLT

      Thanks, Paola!

  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    Congratulations!! A worldwide brunch cookbook sounds delicious, already 🙂

    • Denise_TLT

      Thank you so much, Kiran!!