Recommended: Serengeti Bushtops Camp

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What? Serengeti Bushtops Camp in Tanzania

Why? Serengeti Bushtops is a tented safari camp like no other. That starts with the private huge rooms, which are (except for the fabric) nothing like any tent you ever slept in. They’re luxurious open suites, right in the middle of nature with the most breathtaking views ever, comfortable four-poster beds and hot tubs on the deck. You realize what “in the middle of nature” really means, when you see footprints of lions and hyenas around your tent or hear their growling at night. But don’t worry: every visit to the restaurant or reception in the dark, you’re accompanied by local Masai, who truly know the environment and its inhabitants.

I was very impressed by the quality of the food here as well, especially since Bushtops is located in the middle of nowhere. From freshly baked breakfast spreads with made-to-order eggs to multiple course lunches and diners, everything is carefully prepared with both African and Western influences.

Before dinner, there is usually a campfire in front of the restaurant, with cocktails and nibbles to unwind and share remarkable safari experiences with other guests. That being said, private dinners in the tent are always another option for those who prefer the privacy.

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The personal care and very helpful staff really made the difference here: there are little 5 star hotels in the world that can match this level of customer care. Returning to your bed and not only finding it turned down, but preheated with a jug as well: now that is attention to the details!

To me, Bushtops truly is a location for a real dream holiday and delivers an experience that will definitely last with you.

Must-do? Safari drives, of course. The knowledgeable drivers will make sure you spot whatever there is (the great migration at the end of the year is also very visible in this area), and will often surprise you with impressive impromptu picnics along the way.



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