New restaurants in Amsterdam

Way too long ago, so it’s about time for a new list! Check out the new restaurants and culinary hotspots in Amsterdam you really shouldn’t miss. In no particular order:


(Pressroom, picture credits: TLT)

1. Pressroom
In the new INK hotel on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal you find the Pressroom restaurant. It’s easy to notice that this place is a former newspaper office: with typewriters, ink jars and paper everywhere. The décor is modern, with besides the tables some lovely seats for two and a big open kitchen in the back. Chef Jitze van der Dam (former ‘Vrienden van Jacob’) prepared dishes like a light filo pizza with mackerel, sea bass with a perfect crispy skin and creamy parsnip puree, steak tartare with a little too much mayonnaise and my favorite: an impressive colorful salad with sweet & sour vegetables, quinoa and flowers. Bonus points for the good Chardonnay and sweet waiters.

2. Hummus Bistro D&A
I was already happy with the arrival of Sir Hummus in Amsterdam, but yet another hummus address makes me fully satisfied. In my opinion there simply can’t be too much hummus! Hummus Bistro D&A serves all kinds of hummus dishes in the Westerstraat. Hummus with marinated chicken thighs for example, or hummus with fried eggplants. They also have shakshuka (hurray!). And hummus with shakshuka. And wine. So let’s go!

3. Choux
Many were disappointed when pop-up restaurant Foyer closed its doors. They don’t need to worry anymore, because the same team recently opened Choux. And Choux is here to stay. Next to Amsterdam Central Station you find an industrial building with great staff, the sparse menu descriptions (‘asparagus, bean, turnip, almond’) and the impressive dishes we know from these guys. The prices are friendly too: three courses for 31 euro and that’s definitely not much for a restaurant of this level.

4. Metropolitain
Former weekend brunch place Paper Planes is gone, but was recently replaced by Metropolitain. Here, they do all-day brunch. You can understand that this really pleases me, since I’ve just written the ‘All-day breakfast’ cookbook (October 2015, people!). At Metropolitain, you can brunch with brioche French toast, a club sandwich with salmon or a classic eggs benedict (with spelt bread option for those who are afraid of gluten). Even more all-day brunch is served at Ted’s in the Bosboom Toussaintstraat. Brunch is definitely booming!


(Baut Zuid, picture credits: TLT)

5. Baut Zuid
Why Baut Zuid is in this list, must me pretty clear when you read my review (sorry, Dutch only) here. The old garage is transformed into an amazing light place, the small sharing dishes of Michiel van der Eerde really impress and the attentive staff helps as well. Go before it’s too late, because Baut will move in October already.

6. Café Panache
Close to the Ten Katemarkt you find a bustling new hotspot: Café Panache. The team behind places like Americano and Carter has done it again. This place is gorgeously decorated; with colorful tiles, exotic birdcages and market caskets. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but the cocktails (served pitcher style) and dishes are just as great. On the menu you’ll find lots of fresh fish, but also a scallop ceviche or barbecued artichoke. And although this place is big, reservations are a must. That’s exactly how bustling this spot is.


(picture credits: Panache)


7. Vergulden Eenhoorn
Another new place with experienced entrepreneurs behind it is the long-awaited Vergulden Eenhoorn. The guys behind places like Hanneke’s Boom created a new spot at the Ringdijk, near the Amstel station. Here, they transformed an old city farm into a restaurant, café and large picnic garden. It’s now an idyllic place with a very relaxed feeling and lovely mix of guests. And with good food, of course. On the menu you’ll find merguez sausages with yogurt dip to go with your drinks or spelt risotto with spinach and pomegranate for dinner. The feeling of being outside in the middle in the city!

8. La Cage
La Cage is a new bar and restaurant in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, where French dishes and a somewhat mysterious, dark atmosphere are key. ‘Chic without the flafla’ and ‘Art Deco meets Moulin Rouge’ they call it here. It means there are lobster, oysters and steak frites on the menu, but they’re all served in a relaxed place where you can even dance the night away after your dinner. I tried all the dishes above, plus the steak tartare, entrecôte de Paris and salmon with herb crust and was especially impressed by the wonderful meat dishes. The chocolate fondant dessert was also perfectly prepared. My only complaints would be the big portions and use of salt: both a little too much. Extra compliments for the sweet waiter who even took care of the water flavorings.

9. Brut de Mer
Seafood, bubbles…what more does one need? Nothing, if you ask the team behind the brand new Brut de Mer in De Pijp neighborhood. And I think they might just be right. In this small seafood bar you find a marble bar, many kinds of oysters (served with personal oyster advice) and a menu with some good classics. Lobster bouillabaisse, homemade fries or a brioche lobster roll for instance. Lunch will start soon!

10. Ron Gastrobar Oriental
I dined a few times at Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam Zuid and always had a good experience there. Attentive service, impressive small dishes and a nice bright place. Ron recently opened an Oriental version of his gastrobar in the Kerkstraat. With the same accessible 15 euro-per dish-concept, but this time with a Chinese touch. Here you go for steamed buns with oxtail, lemon chicken with black pepper or Singapore udon noodles. Or Peking duck, because the version of chef Alex Haupt is locally famous already.

Tip: you can find the previous list of new restaurants here.

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