My Favorite ‘Good for You’ Banana Pancakes


You would think that after creating over 80 breakfast and brunch dishes for my cookbook, my breakfast inspiration would be all gone, but that was surprisingly not the case at all. Even more so: one of the hardest things for me while I was creating ‘All-day breakfast’, was choosing a definite recipe selection. So now there are four (okay, five) pancakes recipes in my book and I didn’t even have any room for these lovely banana pancakes anymore. Good thing I can share them here anyway.

You will find countless of banana pancake recipes online that use the combination of banana and eggs in various ratios. That combination does indeed deliver pretty good pancakes, but I often find them a little too flat, too sweet or too much taste like a “banana omelet” (which they of course are, theoretically speaking).

They become much, much better when you add some flour for extra substance and bite. I prefer to use oat flour, that you can very easily make yourself by grinding oats until they have a flour texture. Oat flour always gives a fluffy result and has a lovely slightly nutty taste. Another advantage is that it keeps you full for a few hours, which is perfect for a breakfast dish. You could also try regular flour, whole-wheat flour or spelt flour in this recipe. Almond meal works too, but makes the pancakes a little less substantial.

I love to serve these pancakes with a scoop of thick Greek yogurt and some blueberries. Or with a big generous spoonful of lemon curd and some almonds. And these pancakes also taste amazing when you simple drizzle them with your best maple syrup.

Good to know is that you can easily freeze these pancakes and simply reheat them in a pan or microwave. Makes for a very fast breakfast later on!


8 Pancakes


1 banana
2 eggs
¼ cup oat flour
oil or butter, for baking
toppings of your choice (see post for suggestions)


1. Mash the banana until it’s completely pureed, place the puree in a bowl and mix in the eggs. Quickly stir in the flour and let the mixture rest a little, so it becomes a little thicker.

2. Heat some oil or butter in a frying pan and scoop little rounds of the batter in the pan. I usually make 4 pancakes at a time. When the top of the pancakes looks almost dry, you can flip them with a spatula and bake them for a little longer on the other side.

3. Serve the hot pancakes immediately with toppings of your choice.

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  • marine

    It’s brekkie time here in Australia and I’ve just made them, they are delicious!!! I’ve used gluten-free flour. Thank you for the recipe Denise!

    • Denise_TLT

      Absolutely love to hear that, Marine! Glad you like them!

  • erin @ yummysupper

    Denise, I saw on instagram that you are in SF? It that true? I hope you’re having an amazing and delicious time!
    And I’m so excited for you and your book.

    • Denise_TLT

      Latest reaction ever, but yes: I was in SF (on my honeymoon). It truly was amazing! Would love to come back anytime possible! xoxo

  • Kim

    Hi, I’m from Belgium, I love all your pancake recepies. I was thinking of making a lot of them so I can serve my kids a healthy breakfast. Do you know if I can freeze them?

    • Denise_TLT

      Thanks, Kim! yes, you can easily freeze them. Just defrost them in the microwave (or let them thaw half an hour and reheat in a pan). Good luck!