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Nectarine & Tomato Gazpacho + Pregnancy Cravings




This nectarine and tomato gazpacho is a delicious summery soup. It’s extremely easy to make – no pan involved! – and just perfect for a pregnant lady.

During the first months of my pregnancy I experienced some very clear cravings that seemed to change all the time. From eating lots of crunchy apples to hotdogs with a huge amount of spicy mustard, from sour candies to bags of Bugles and from desperately wanting croissants at night to instant cravings for a very specific chicken sandwich.

Now that all those crazy cravings seem to have disappeared (for now, at least!), the only thing remaining is a desire for fruit. Very good timing, because now that the summer has officially begun there’s such an abundance of fresh fruits to pick from. Not that I’m picky at the moment, although I’d never say no to strawberries and I easily snack on two cartons of raspberries a day.

Perfectly ripe nectarines are another win: almost flower-scented, with a pretty pink hue and their juicy sweet flesh with a subtle sour hint. Delicious for snacking just the way they are, but they’re just amazing in this gazpacho.

This version of gazpacho is based on a recipe I recently discovered in South Africa. Normally, you prepare the traditional Spanish cold soup with tomatoes and peppers, but the addition of nectarines makes it extra sweet and so much more interesting. You just prepare it all in the blender, so it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Delicious as a light summery lunch (with some fresh baguette on the side), but also nice as a starter during a barbecue evening. You could also serve it in little glasses as a light appetizer.




makes 4-6 bowls

10 nectarines, without pit
about 25 baby tomatoes
1 cup (250 ml) tomato juice
1 lime, only the juice
½ red chili, deseeded
1 cucumber, peeled
few leaves of basil
olive oil, for drizzling
extra: strong (stick) blender



Blend 8 nectarines with the tomatoes (save some for garnish), tomato juice, lime juice, chili and cucumber until you’ve got a smooth soup. Season to taste.
Store in the fridge and serve with basil, the leftover nectarines and baby tomatoes and a good drizzle of olive oil.



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