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Chia & Raspberry Pudding from The Green Kitchen




I shared my enthusiasm about the ‘Smoothies’ cookbook by The Green Kitchen before and this lovely chia pudding is from that same wonderful little cookbook. With a subtle twist of my own, that is.

This is a delicious raspberry variation on the immensely popular chia pudding, that’s very suitable for breakfast, but would also work beautifully as a dessert (in that case: maybe add some honey or blended dates for extra sweetness). It’s also perfect for breakfast on the go: just prepare everything the night before and the next morning your healthy breakfast is all ready for takeway.

The original recipe describes hazelnut butter, but I chose a mixed nut butter with almonds, cashews and peanuts. Just use the nut butter you happen to have on hand and like. Same goes for the fresh fruit toppings: I used raspberries and blueberries this time and the book has a version with kiwi and blackberries, but pretty much any kind of fruit would work here.




for 2 persons (or 1 larger serving)

1 cup (120 g) raspberries, fresh or thawed frozen
3 tbsp desiccated coconut, unsweetened
3 tbsp chia seeds
½ tsp ground vanilla
1 cup (250 ml) plant milk (I used almond milk)
toppings of your choice: nut butter, fresh fruit and mint leaves



Mash the berries in a bowl, using your fork. Add the coconut, chia seeds and vanilla and stir to combine. Pour over the milk and mix well until everything is well combined. Make sure to stir now and then in the first 10 minutes to prevent clumps.
Put in the fridge to soak for at least 30 minutes, but preferably overnight. The pudding is ready when the consistency is thick and jelly-like. Without toppings, you can easily store this pudding in the fridge for a few days (make sure to cover well).
Serve in two medium jars (or 1 large one), topped with a generous amount of nut butter and finish with fresh fruit and mint leaves.



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  • Kankana

    I eat chia everyday and never get tired of a beautiful colorful pudding version.

    • Denise | The All-day kitchen

      Thanks, I’m in love with these colors too!