Denise Kortlever



Welcome to the All-day kitchen!

My name is Denise Kortlever and I work as a food trend writer and food photographer for titles such as Vogue, LINDA.tv, &C, Allerhande and RTL4. I write and speak about delicious food, inspiring food trends and successful hospitality concepts

In October 2015, my first book ‘All-day breakfast’ (currently in third print) was published with the Dutch publishing house Unieboek | Het Spectrum and got a German translation with Busse Seewald in 2018. My second cookbook ‘All-day bowls’ (now in second print) was released in October 2016.

My food philosophy
I truly believe in balance and variation, in never depriving yourself and in paying a little more attention to a meal. I love avocado toast as much as chocolate tarts and don’t believe in terms like ‘clean eating’.

I find it important that dishes look good, but above all, they must taste delicious and be fairly easy to prepare. I also like to give recipes a unique twist, because it’s the little things that can make all the difference.


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