Behind the scenes: may 2015

Time for a peek behind the scenes at TLT!


I was mostly working on the last texts, recipes and pictures for my cookbook his month. It’s so special to slowly see the final book evolving. The last few months were extremely intensive, but so incredibly fun at the same time. It feels strange that I handed in almost everything now and that it’s now the graphic designer’s turn to work with my content. I promise there will be a sneak preview soon!


After working every day, evening and weekend for a few months, a trip to Maastricht was more than welcome. After a few minutes in that lovely city I always feel like I’m on vacation and I love the Southern hospitality here. Coffee with real Limburg vloai (a kind of fruit pie) already makes my day.


This month I had dinner at the brand new Baut Zuid in Amsterdam, which is an amazing and highly recommend place. You can read my full review (sorry, Dutch only) here. I also dined at Wilde Zwijnen Eetbar, which is a great addition to the well-known Wilde Zwijnen. This bar is somewhat more relaxed, less formal than her big sister and offers delicious little dishes to share with the table. My favorites were the cod croquettes (with langoustine mayonnaise!) and the grilled hanger steak with caper & anchovy salsa. The lovely waiters truly compensated the somewhat slow kitchen. In Haarlem, I had dinner at Seymour: a gorgeous Paris-meets-NY brasserie with an amazing bustling atmosphere. The menu offers fine, but firmly priced classics (steak tartare!) but the cocktails really impressed me. My ‘The Monkey’ was the best gin-tonic I ever had.


In between of all the book shoots and writing days, there were enough new products to try. The brand new chocolate bar from Tony Chocolonely for example: milk-rhubarb-crumble. Sounds strange, but I loved the combination of sweet milk chocolate with the pieces of sweet&sour, crispy rhubarb crumble. Or take this ‘comme une étoile’ tea from Betjeman & Barton. Light, fruity Chinese green thee with orange blossom and hints of peach. So good! And of course the flavors for our future wedding cake needed to be tried and picked as well. Without a doubt my favorite part of the wedding preperations!

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